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Jus Fun opened on May 1, 1981. We started up with only 14 go karts and we quickly found out that customers needed more things to do. In 1983 we added 4 Batting Cages along with 4 more Go-Karts.

Business kept coming, so we kept on growing! In 1986 we added the kiddie electric bumper boats and trampoline games known as Hi-Ball. The kiddie bumper boats were great, but the adults wanted in on the water fun too, so in 1988 we took out the small boats and put in the full size bumper boats in a 50'x60' pond. We also purchased 20 new Go-Karts.

The spring of 1993 was a big year for us. We needed a change so we removed the bumper boats and installed a 18 hole Mini-Golf course that
is here today. We also needed to replace buildings that we had since we opened. So we put in a larger ticket booth, game room area
and repair shop.

In 2001 we put in the Titanic. A 33' tall 2 lane slide that let you slide down really fast. Unfortunately, 4 years later, the insurance company and Sunrays combined, did not let us keep it.

In 2007 when we added the Water Wars. A water balloon game that lets you launch them at each other. A great way to cool off a little bit on these hot Chicago summer days. In 2012, we doubled the Water Wars! Now more can battle it out at the same, meaning you will get WET!

So with the Go-Karts, Batting Cages, Mini-Golf and Water Wars, that fills our available area. We would like to add more but we are out of room. So we will continue to be a clean and safe, customer friendly business. We feel that is what got us through the past 30 years and more.

Thanks for your patronage and supporting us!

- Jus-Fun